Thermaltake's Core P7 TG Spans 1.35m With Wings Wide Open

Thermaltake has become increasingly adventurous with its case design over the last few years, but the new Core P7 TG marks a truly extraordinary chassis – not only does it have a main section, but it also comes with two extended chassis’ to give it some immense water cooling support. If you’re asking yourself whether there is any practicality to this particular design, let me answer that question with one word: no. It’s just a crazy way of showing off your hardware.

The main section of the chassis holds up to an E-ATX motherboard as well as a bunch of hard drives and SSDs along with the power supply. There is also a radiator mount for up to a 480mm unit, however, if you’re already using the wings for radiators, do you really need a third one? The wings will each also house up to a 480mm radiator along with a cylindrical reservoir/pump combo unit, which together will offer more cooling power than you could probably ever need. Thermaltake ensured that you can disassemble the entire case down to its individual pieces, and many of the hard drive mounts and various other parts can be placed where you want thanks to a flexible modular design. You can also opt to mount the wings not only in parallel with the case, but also 45°, 90°, and 270° off-angle. Although the main section has a neat 5mm thick slab of tempered glass to keep prying hands away, the wings do not.

Going in-line with the impracticality of this chassis, it weighs a rather hefty 25.5kg when empty, and it measures 1.35 meters wide with the wings fully extended. Fortunately, the Core P7 TG is part of Thermaltake’s lineup of wall-mountable cases – fitting this chassis on your desk just wouldn’t be feasible. On the wall above your monitor though; that could look great!

The Thermaltake Core P7 TG is available immediately with an MSRP of $300.


Thermaltake Core P7 TG

Motherboard Type

Up to E-ATX

Expansion Slots



627mm x 333mm x 1350mm

Net Weight


Drive Bays

8x 3.5” / 2.5″


Standard PS2 PSU

Front I/O

USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1

Radiator Support

3x 480mm

CPU Cooler Max Height


VGA Card Max Length

280mm With Reservoir, 570mm Without

PSU Length Limit


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