Steam Gaming Giveaway And Intel Budget Brawl: Community Roundup

The Tom’s Hardware Community is constantly busy. Whether our members are discussing the site’s latest articles and reviews, providing tech support and building advice, or playing the latest PC Games, we have so much great stuff going on that it could make your head spin! Not to worry — Community Roundup is here to let you know the best of what’s going on in the Tom’s Hardware forums on a regular basis.

  • There are seven days left in our latest Steam giveaway. We’re giving away three copies of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons to three lucky members of our community. Experience co-op in a single player game as you guide two brothers through an epic fantasy journey. For your chance to win, head to the giveaway thread in the Tom’s Hardware PC Gaming Forum and enter the raffle or answer the discussion prompt. The Steam Giveaway will run until 6pm ET on Friday, February 24. The game will be awarded to the winners as a Steam gift. A Steam account is required to receive and play the game.

  • The submission period is now over in our Best PC Builds competition, and we’re now accepting votes. Thanks to everyone who submitted a best build. These configurations are not chosen by Tom’s Hardware’s editors. They are submitted and selected by our forum members based on defined pricing tiers. The competition is fierce this quarter, making it difficult to decide which were the best builds in each category. Click here to cast your vote for the best build in each category. For the first time ever, we will now be accepting mini-ITX and SFX format builds in every budget category. You can find links to each of the eight budget categories in our Systems forums or in the Best PC Builds announcement article.
  • Ever wanted to ask one of the big hardware or software giants something directly? How did you design that? Where did that feature come from? What’s in store next? Well, now you have the chance! The Community team is proud to announce a Q&A and XPS 13 Laptop Giveaway with our friends at Dell. Donnie Oliphant, Director of the XPS Product Group, as well as other members of the XPS Product Team will be joining us in our next community Q&A. He’ll be answering your in-depth questions about all of Dell’s current XPS line up. The Q&A starts Friday, March 3rd at 2pm EST, but we’re collecting questions ahead of time. Please submit all questions to our Q&A thread.
  • We just reviewed Intel’s latest entrants for their dual-core budget lineup, the Intel Pentium G4620 and G4560. Although the high-end processors give us little to talk about, Intel’s recent realignment of the Core i3 and Pentium families are a bit more newsworthy. First, the company launched an unlocked Core i3-7350K, and though it doesn’t offer the value we expect from an i3, it’s a fun chip for tuners. What do you think? Does the new line of Intel Pentiums have enough to take the budget CPU crown? Let us know in the article comments or give us your expert opinion in the CPU Forums.

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