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Get the 2TB Seagate Backup Plus for less than £70

The Seagate Backup Plus is a slim portable hard drive with USB 3.0 and 2.0 connectivity. Using the provided NTFS driver for Mac and you can use it with Windows and Mac computers without reformatting. The Seagate Dashboard software provides all the tools for local and cloud backup, while the free Seagate Mobile Backup app is available to back up photos and videos from any iOS or Android mobile device. Get the 2TB Seagate Backup Plus on eBay for just £69.99.

Get the Netgear Mini N300 EX2700 WiFi Extender for £14.99

WiFi extenders are useful to get rid of wireless dead zones in your home network. The Netgear Mini N300 EX2700 WiFi Extender is discreet and convenient with its wall-plug design and two external antennas for high performance. It also features a Fast Ethernet Port to connect a wired device. Save 25% today and get it for £14.99.

Get the DOSHIn 12000mAh Power Bank for £11.96

With a 12000mAh capacity the DOSHIn is a slim and light Power Bank can charge an iPhone 6 4 times. Featuring Dual USB port (5V 1A & 5V 2.1A) you can even charge your devices simultaneously and quickly. Compatible devices can charge up to 75% faster than standard chargers and a 4 LED indicator keeps you informed of the remaining capacity. It also protects your devices from power surge and short circuit. Get the DOSHIn 12000mAh Power Bank for only £11.96.

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All the important announcements from Microsoft Build 2017

Microsoft held the annual Build conference last night amidst a lot of speculation and hype. As expected, the company had a handful of attractive products to show off during the course of the event. While some of them were enterprise driven or focused on the developers, there were a few announcements meant for the regular users as well. So let’s have a look at some of these features.

Cortana powered speaker by HP and Intel

Microsoft announced that it has struck partnerships with HP and Intel to launch Cortana powered Bluetooth speakers to compete with the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo. Further, Microsoft has previously announced a deal with Harman Kardon for a similar speaker, suggesting that there could be multiple Cortana powered speakers by the end of the year.

Visual Studio for Mac

Microsoft’s popular app development tool, Visual Studio was announced for Macs. This was available as a preview before, and much to the joy of the developers, the full version was announced yesterday. This will encourage Visual Studio developers to get more work done on their Macs, rather than having to rely on a Windows machine.

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Translation plugin for PowerPoint

You will now be able to translate your PowerPoint presentations in real time using this new translation tool. You will also be able to add subtitles below your presentations. Content can be translated in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. One of the key features of this plugin is that it doesn’t change the original formatting of the text while translating.

Azure mobile apps

Microsoft took the opportunity to announce a dedicated Azure app for Android and iOS devices, letting users control MS’s cloud services through mobile. The app will come with support for Azure Cloud Shell as well. Further, the company also talked about a Windows 10 app that’s currently in the making.

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Cortana Skills

This is a pretty exciting feature as it allows users and developers to make Cortana smarter by teaching the virtual assistant some new skills. This step has been taken keeping the ever growing competition in mind. By allowing the users to be in charge of what Cortana learns, the service is always going to be smarter.

Windows 10 now powering half a billion machines

Microsoft also had a major landmark to announce during the Build 2017 conference. As of now, there are over 500 million devices running Windows 10, which is a big feat for the company. 

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Canon Maxify MB2750

Canon has managed to pack in all of the features and functionality a small business is likely to need from a multifunction printer into a single desk-standing unit retailing at £130 (around $170, AU$230). The Canon Maxify MB2750 is a four-in-one, so that’s printing, scanning, copying and faxing covered.

It has two large paper trays and high-yield ink cartridge capacity to maintain a high workflow, and a fairly impressive print speed too. Even the ADF (automatic document feed) is a generous size, allowing you to line up 50 pages for scanning or printing. 

Canon is clearly targeting the office rather than the consumer here by including security features like scanning to email, where only approved work emails are permitted, and monitoring of all print jobs is possible. This device’s print and scan resolutions are high enough for detailed, professional-looking documents rather than photos, and it lacks consumer-friendly features such as one-touch NFC linking with a smartphone. 

This looks like a lot of printer for the money, which usually means your running costs are going to be high, and indeed the inkjet cartridges required by the Maxify MB2750 are certainly expensive – but let’s see how it performs.

Design and build

This big black box is even taller than the average MFP because of its two deep paper trays, but it will still fit onto a desk. This differentiates a small business printer like this from enterprise models like the much larger Xerox VersaLink C405. It also closes up into a more rounded design that’s easier to dust.

The MB2750 is a lot of plastic for a fairly low price and you would be right to question its build quality. There are certainly a lot of flaps and telescoping pieces that could snap off, although it worked perfectly during our tests with no obvious weak points to be concerned about.

An Ethernet and square USB port can be found at the rear, while there’s another USB slot for flash drives at the front. There’s no SD card slot, sadly, but the front panel display is a colour touchscreen which is a reasonable size at just a smidge under 3-inches.

Spec Sheet

Here are the full specs of the Canon Maxify MB2750:

Type: Multifunction colour inkjet printer  

Functions: Print, copy, scan, fax

Ink: 4 inkjet cartridges (C, M, Y, BK)

Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB

Data storage slot: USB port

Print speed: 23 ppm (mono), 15 ppm (colour)

Main paper tray capacity: 250 sheets x 2

Print quality: 1,200 x 600 dpi

Scan quality: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi 

Apple AirPrint: Yes

Google Cloud Print: Yes

App support: Yes (iOS/Android)  

Consumables included: 4 refill cartridges   

Size/Weight: 320 x 463 x 389mm (H x W x D); 12.1kg


Being a four-in-one means you can print, scan, copy and, if you really want to, fax. Printing is up to 600 x 1,200 dpi, which is great for documents, but not really good enough for photos on photo paper. For scanning, the resolution is similar at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, which is fine for most office tasks.

More notable is the speed of printing, which is claimed as 24ppm in mono or 15ppm in colour. Out tests concur with these figures, with output produced at an alarming rate – and somewhat noisily, too. 

Offering both Wi-Fi and a wired connection is essential in a business printer, while the absence of NFC is no great loss. More importantly, this MFP also supports AirPrint for Mac users and mobile printing is made even easier by the well-designed Canon Print app available for iOS and Android. 

Another plus point of the MB2750 is its high capacity for paper at 500 pages with dual-side printing, not to mention this device’s ink capacity. One mono cartridge will yield 1,200 pages apparently, so the time spent refilling this printer should be minimal.

Setup and operation

Getting the Canon Maxify MB2750 up and running was a painless process, made easier by the clear 3-inch touchscreen display and its logical interface. The touchscreen is perhaps a little too sensitive, meaning that we made quite a few miss-hits during the operation.

Loading paper and ink is straightforward and with two 250-page paper trays, you won’t need to do this very often. The 50-page ADF tray is another asset that means you can line up plenty of jobs for this printer to complete without going near it. 

In operation, this Canon offering is surprisingly noisy, with lots of whining, whirring and rattling, before, during and after printing.


Despite all that racket, the MB2750 turns out finely detailed documents in both mono and colour with no creases, smears, or variation in ink application. Black text documents are dark and crisp, but not too heavily printed and very consistent. Canon reckons its ink makes prints last longer, and it certainly dries particularly quickly as it’s difficult to make it smudge at all. 

Colourful charts and pictures also appear crisp and well-defined. However, this is no photo printer and it lacks both the resolution and the cartridge configuration to do justice to pictures on photo paper. Without Canon’s six ink cartridge system (there are only five cartridges here) the shading looks unsubtle and unrealistic.

What’s most impressive is the speed at which documents are churned out by the MB2750, with plain text pages in mono being particularly quick. By default it prints on both sides of the page and the consistency is hard to fault.

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Microsoft's Emma Watch could help people with Parkinson's

Technology lets us do some pretty amazing things, and every now and then we hear stories about technology making a huge difference in someone’s life.

Microsoft highlighted one such story at their Build 2017 developer conference this week, when they showed the video about a woman with Parkinson’s, and a device developed by one of Microsoft’s researchers that helps with Parkinson’s tremors.

In IT Blogwatch, we love a feel-good story. 

So what is going on? Andy Weir has some background:

This week, Microsoft is hosting its Build 2017 developer conference…where it’s already made a wide range of announcements – from 500 million Windows 10 devices, to Visual Studio for Mac general availability…and the new Azure IoT Edge platform.

But along with all the…big announcements in its day one keynote, Microsoft also showcased [an]…experimental project led by one of its researchers, which began when she met a young woman affected by hand tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease.

And what does this experimental project entail? Brian Fagioli has more details:

“Emma”…is a wrist wearable that can help people suffering with Parkinson’s disease.

The device is named after the Parkinson’s sufferer that helped Haiyan Zhang, innovation director at Microsoft Research, create the device…the incurable disease causes body tremors in those inflicted, and as a result, Emma [Lawton] has very shaky hands. This disease makes it impossible for her to draw straight lines or write legibly. With the wearable on her wrist, however, normal writing and drawing is possible.

But how does it work? Marco della Cava has some details:

Emma Watch remains a prototype…but the developers are working with a neuroscience research team to undertake trials with a small group of Parkinson’s sufferers.
The watch works through a combination of sensors and A.I…techniques to potentially detect and monitor symptoms like tremors, stiffness and instability, among others.

And what do these technologies actually do? Microsoft’s Bill Briggs fills in the blanks:

In people with Parkinson’s, the brain fires off extra signals to muscles, creating a chaotic, internal feedback loop that causes muscles to…perform many movements at once. That creates tremors. The vibrations from the watch seem to cause Lawton’s brain to focus on her right wrist, apparently reducing the brain’s messages to that spot.

Is this a one type fits all device? Shilpa explains that it isn’t:

Zhang..spent six months…prototyping this new wearable device for…Emma…Since the pattern of vibration differs from person to person, one can connect this wearable to Windows 10 tablet which has an app to control the vibration speed…One can choose the type of vibration that suits their needs. For Lawton, the rhythmic vibration worked well.

So how are people reacting to the Emma watch story? If Microsoft wanted a tearjerker, they got one. Lisa Crankshaw‏ confirms:

Makes me cry every time I see this, it’s just so amazing!

Want to see the Emma watch in action? Microsoft shared this handy video:

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How to use Microsoft Authenticator

Passwords can be a pain to remember, especially if you have to keep changing them. Microsoft Authenticator gets around this by using your smartphone to unlock accounts. Here’s how you can make life easier.

This Microsoft app lets you access their online accounts without passwords


Microsoft has updated its Authenticator app so that you no longer need a password to log into your various online accounts. All that’s required now is your smartphone and the accompanying app. We show you how to set up and use Microsoft Authenticator.

What is Microsoft Authenticator?

Authenticator is Microsoft’s own two-step verification security feature. As with Google two-step verification the idea is that to make your accounts more secure you dispense with passwords as the primary way to unlock devices.

Instead, you receive a code on your phone each time you go to log in, which means a thief would need both devices to get access to your data.

The real power of this method is that it’s a strong way to prevent hackers breaking into your account with a stolen password. It’s not fool-proof, but it does make life much harder for data thieves.

Downloading and setting up the app on your phone

The Microsoft Authenticator app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. To get started go to the relevant app store, search for Authenticator, make sure it’s from Microsoft Corporation, then download it to your device.

Launch the app and you’ll be prompted to add an account. Tap the Add account button, then choose from either Personal, Work/School, or other.

how to use microsoft authenticator

how to use microsoft authenticator

The latter will allow you to create two-step authentication for the likes of Facebook, Google, and other online services. For now we’ll focus on Microsoft accounts.

Once you’ve selected the account type, you’ll be asked to log in and then confirm you are who you say you are by entering the last four digits of your mobile number.

how to use microsoft authenticator

how to use microsoft authenticator

Enter these and tap Send code, then shortly afterwards you’ll receive a text message containing a code. Type this in and your two-step authentication will be up and running.

Using the Microsoft Authenticator app

The app itself is pretty basic. At the top of the screen you’ll see your account details, beneath which is an eight-figure number that changes every thirty seconds.

This is what you’ll need to enter when you log into accounts that require codes. Microsoft accounts themselves will usually ask you to confirm on your phone that you want to allow access.

To see how this works go to the Microsoft site and make sure you’re logged out. Now when you log back in you’ll see the normal account name field, but when you go to the password page there’s an option beneath that reads Use the Microsoft Authenticator app instead.

how to use microsoft authenticator

how to use microsoft authenticator

Click on this and you should see a notification appear on your smartphone that asks you to Approve sign-in? followed by the account name and location of the attempted login.

Tap Approve and you should now find your account accessible.

That’s it. You’ve now made your account more secure and gotten around the old problem of having to remember lots of passwords. Happy days are here again!

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Nvidia reveals its shockingly powerful next-gen Volta graphics tech

Nvidia has revealed its new Volta technology, which follows on from the current-gen Pascal graphics cards, along with the first ever GPU to use the tech: the Tesla V100.

As those familiar with Nvidia’s naming conventions will realize, this is a heavyweight GPU targeted at data center usage and high-performance computing (as opposed to consumer PCs).

However, Nvidia envisages it bringing a whole new level of power to the arena of artificial intelligence and related AI services, which will help to seriously bolster the strength of things all of us will use like digital assistants, or advances in self-driving vehicles.

Plus the new GPU gives us a good idea of exactly what Volta is capable of, and in short, it’s massively powerful.

Volta is Nvidia’s seventh-generation GPU architecture, and represents nothing less than a fivefold performance improvement compared to Pascal in terms of peak teraflops. And in comparison to Maxwell, Pascal’s predecessor, we’re looking at a 15x boost.

Clever combination

The new technology combines CUDA cores with Volta Tensor Cores, the latter of which are specifically designed to speed up AI workloads very effectively. Indeed, a single Tesla V100 GPU is apparently capable of replacing ‘hundreds of commodity CPUs’ when it comes to high-performance computing.

The Tesla V100 is built on a 12nm process and boasts some 21 billion transistors, with 5,120 CUDA cores alongside 640 Tensor Cores. In terms of deep learning performance, Nvidia says it hits 120 teraflops. Single-precision compute performance is 15 teraflops.

The GPU also utilizes 16GB of HBM2 DRAM with 900GB/s memory bandwidth, which is 50% more bandwidth than the previous generation. Power consumption is 300W.

Nvidia’s fresh revelation here comes ahead of AMD’s next-gen Vega launch, with the new Radeon cards expected to be unveiled next month.

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Microsoft Build 2017: Live Video Stream

Microsoft Build 2017 is taking place right now. Tune in for a live stream of the main keynote.

Click here to watch the Microsoft Build 2017 live stream


During Build 2016 Satya Nadella announced a huge Anniversary Update to Windows 10, some great practical uses for Hololens and some exciting app development news, which makes us all the more excited for Microsoft Build 2017. So when is Microsoft Build 2017? We explain all, plus how to watch the live video stream. Also see: Windows 10 review

What is Microsoft Build?

Microsoft Build is an annual conference aimed at software and web developers who use Windows and Microsoft technologies. 

Microsoft says: “Software continues to transform the world in remarkable ways and developers are at the centre of it. At Microsoft Build 2017 we invite you to join us in downtown Seattle to learn about latest new technologies and exciting plans on the horizon. 

“As always, Microsoft Build is filled with strong technical sessions as well as opportunities to meet and learn from others in the industry. We’ll make sure the schedule is filled with solid content, and will strive to deliver some fun surprises along the way.”

When is Microsoft Build 2017?

Microsoft Build 2017 takes place 10-12 May 2017 in Seattle, USA.

How to watch the Microsoft Build 2017 live stream

A Microsoft Build live stream video of the Day 1 keynote will begin at 8am PDT on 10 May – that means you need to tune in at 4pm in the UK.

We’ve embedded the live video stream at the top of this page so simply come back when the time is right and enjoy. 

Stay tuned for more keynotes from Microsoft Build over the next few days – each will be available at the top of this page.

At its last event, just a few days ago, Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S. There’s also another event on 23 May in Shanghai where it might unveil the Surface Pro 5.

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