Can’t update Windows due to error code 0x80070643? Here’s what to do

For many months now, a certain Windows bug has been causing update installation problems for some users.

When trying to install update KB5034441 for Windows 11 or KB5034440 for Windows 10, you might experience an installation failure that cancels the entire process with error code 0x80070643 or 0x80070643 - ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE.

Since these patches are meant to address security vulnerabilities, it’s important to install them as soon as possible. But what do you when you can’t? What’s causing this issue?

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The problem stems from the fact that your Windows recovery partition isn’t large enough to complete the update. This would cause the update to WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) to fail.

Microsoft has yet to solve the issue, but they’ve at least provided some self-help instructions. These instructions aren’t exactly easy to implement, though, and they require a certain level of technical understanding.

Here’s what you do: First, check whether your WinRE version is up-to-date, then check whether your Windows recovery partition is large enough (i.e., at least 250 MB). If the recovery partition is too small, you can adjust the size accordingly. If WinRE is already up to date or no WinRE partition exists at all, this error message will not appear when installing the updates in question.

Microsoft explains exactly how to solve the 0x80070643 problem for Windows 10 and Windows 11 and, if necessary, how to adjust the size of the recovery partition in these documents:


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Save $48 on this power bank that can fast charge three devices at once

There’s an absolute behemoth of a power bank on sale right now: the Iniu PowerNova is down to $72 on Amazon ($48 off normal price). Featuring a 27,000mAh capacity and 140W charging power, this power bank can effortlessly charge both your phone and laptop.

Power banks with massive battery capacities can sometimes run afoul of airline guidelines, but this one is approved for flying. And that’s good news since hunting for outlets in airports is never fun.

This Iniu power bank features three charging ports: a 140W USB-C port, a 45W USB-C port, and a trusty 18W USB-A port. (Only the 140W port can be used for charging the power bank itself, though.) Note that if you’re going to use all three ports simultaneously, the charging power for the first USB-C port will drop to 100W.

This Iniu portable charger has a smart LED display where you can read exactly how much battery you have left. By the way, a full recharge will take just under two hours, which is rather impressive.

Grab this massive Iniu power bank for just $72 ahead of Prime Day. Also, make sure to check out our Prime Day roundup of best chargers and power bank deals if you want to score more savings.

The Iniu PowerNova portable charger is now $72

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Samsung’s 49-inch ultrawide OLED monitor hits new best price: $720 off

There are gaming monitors… and then there’s the Samsung Odyssey G9, an absolutely massive 49-inch ultrawide curved gaming monitor with a buttery smooth 240Hz refresh rate.

Not only is this easily one of the most impressive monitors out there, but it’s now on sale for its best price yet of $1,080 on Amazon. With an MSRP of $1,800 that’s actually enforced, this is a steep discount!

On the eve of Prime Day, Samsung has slashed the price just a tiny bit more, making sure this beauty doesn’t leave our radar.

At 49 inches, this Samsung Odyssey G9 is equal to two high-def monitors side-by-side, and it promises exquisite colors, contrast, and brightness—about what you’d expect for a monitor in this price range.

Equipped with the advanced Neo Quantum Processor Pro, every frame on this OLED display is analyzed and optimized so you can have the best experience, no matter what you’re watching or playing.

Gamers will appreciate the 0.03ms (GTG) response time and the blistering-fast 240Hz refresh rate, which ensures you’ll have a fantastic experience (as long as your computer hardware is on par, too).

Go ahead and place your order for the Samsung Odyssey G9 at $1,080 while this deal is still active. It’s such a big discount that it feels like it’ll disappear any minute. Need something cheaper? Check out the best Prime Day monitor deals we’re finding right now.

The Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor is 40% off


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