How to make Word custom bullet points to enhance your documents

Word’s bullet point function is essential for breaking up vast piles of text, especially if you can’t use graphics or photos in your documents. Word’s standard list of bullets will cover many situations, but making custom bullet points can add polish or humor to your content. 

Create your document first and use placeholders for your bullets, such as asterisks or hyphens. (Tip: Use bullets for your lists when the items in the series are of equal importance. Use numbers if the items in the list are prioritized.)

Once the document is complete, experiment with different bullet designs. We’ll start with Word’s default bullets to introduce the process. 

Default Bullets

1. Select the content for which you wish to insert bullet points.

2. Go to Home > Paragraph. Locate the bullet icon at top left and click the down-arrow at the right side of that icon. Note: If you hit the icon itself, a bullet will appear wherever your cursor is in your document.

3. From the Bullet Library menu, choose a bullet design, and the new bullet design will appear at your cursor location. If you don’t like the first bullet you choose, click the Undo icon and try another one. Note: Word remembers the last six (or so) bullets used, so after you define a bullet the first time, it appears on the new list.

01 select a bullet design from the list JD Sartain

B. Define New Bullets

Creating custom bullets can add some creativity or branding to your content, such as clocks for timesheets, books for reports, or computers for data logs.

1. Highlight the content to which you want to add bullets.