Get legit Windows 11 licenses for $48 Black Friday week

If you’ve ever been in the mood to upgrade to Windows 11, now’s the time to buy: PCWorld’s software store is taking an additional 20 percent off Windows 11 licenses and 10 percent off of our Windows 11 Pro upgrade price, too. Yes, that’s even less than the already rock-bottom prices we normally charge for our legitimate Windows 11 licenses.

You can buy a Windows 11 Home license for $48, a Windows 11 Professional license for $64, and the Windows 11 Pro upgrade (from Home) license for $47. Remember, the normal Windows 11 price is $139, Pro is $199, and the upgrade from Home to Pro is $99, so this is a significant savings.

The deal starts today and lasts through November 27.

Why would you want to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro? While we explain the advantages to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro in our upgrade story, there are three immediate benefits. BitLocker allows you to both to encrypt your SSD/hard drives and back up the keys to unlock them to your Microsoft account. Gamers will appreciate that Windows 11 Pro allows you to use more memory. Any my personal favorite is Windows Sandbox: a quick, one-click virtual machine that allows you to surf potentially sketchy web sites with little worry of something being surreptitiously downloaded in the background.

Buy windows 11 home on pcworld for $48

Buy Windows 11 Pro on PCWorld for $64

Buy Windows 11 Professional (Upgrade) on PCWorld for $47

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