Best HR outsourcing services of 2019

Best HR outsourcing

Handling employee paperwork can be a nightmare maze of tax and legal compliance issues. It’s time consuming work that offers little obvious reward, and takes your attention from simply growing your business.

For small business owners, it can be an unwelcome headache to tackle it directly, but even with larger businesses this means having to invest in HR managers and software which may not necessarily seem cost-effective, especially in the short-term.

Luckily, there are a number of HR outsourcing options available. Some are full service providers, and cover everything from recruitment to payroll, to tax deductions and legal compliance. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that lack HR expertise or might find it expensive to build and accommodate their own HR team. Outsourcing allows another company to deal with all those complexities and liabilities for you.

Others providers allow you to pick and choose which HR service you’d like to outsource. This is especially the case where a business may want to provide extra support for its existing HR department. After all, HR isn’t all about tax and insurance, but also about employee recruitment and providing training provision. Third parties may be able offer these services to add another layer of expertise without having to introducing an administrative burden on your business.

Some HR outsourcing companies are certified by the IRS or accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC), which can provide guarantees to the level of service, not least for avoiding double-taxation penalties. This can be especially important for large businesses. However, smaller HR outsourcing companies may not come with either credentials, but that doesn’t mean they may be any less capable, especially when dealing with less complex small business needs.

To help you choose between HR outsourcing providers, we’ve featured the five best below.

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Image Credit: ADP

(Image credit: ADP)

1. ADP Comprehensive Services

The big provider for business