US nuclear weapons supplier hit by ransomware attack

A US defense contractor has reportedly been targeted by the REvil ransomware gang, which has shared snippets of the exfiltrated data as proof of the attack.

Bleeping Computer caught hold of a posting on the dark web where REvil listed the names and shared details about their victims. One of the companies mentioned was Sol Oriens, who contracts with various government agencies including the US Department of Defense, and Department of Energy.

Teamsters was hit by ransomware in 2019, but refused to pay up

When the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, more widely known simply as Teamsters, was targeted by ransomware back in 2019, the US and Candian labor union simply refused to pay, new reports have revealed.

Asked for $2.5 million, Teamsters decided to simply rebuild its entire network instead of caving in to the demands of the attackers, NBC News reported, based on details shared by anonymous sources.

Stalker 2 PC requirements are fairly demanding, needing a decent-sized SSD

Stalker 2, the long-awaited sequel to the open world shooter which is set to launch in April 2022, has had its system requirements revealed – and they’re relatively hefty in some respects.

While some elements of the PC spec are not so demanding, there are a couple of minimum requirements which will raise some eyebrows, mainly on the GPU and storage front. Let’s look at those requirements in full first:

LinkedIn given another chance to stop data scraping

The US Supreme Court has given LinkedIn another chance to try to prevent a company from harvesting personal data from its public profiles.

A couple of years ago, a US federal court told the Microsoft-owned  professional networking platform that it could not block companies like hiQ Labs from scraping personal data from public profiles. 

Microsoft Edge is getting a vital password security tool

With most of us now reliant on an ever-growing number of password-protected online accounts and services, the number of login credentials we need to remember is staggering. 

Thankfully, modern web browsers can help out, storing and filling in passwords for us – and Microsoft is expanding the capabilities of Edge’s Password Manager tool to do just that.